Thursday, September 13, 2012

My next beauty treatment!! CDT

Carbon dioxide therapy (CDT) , is a procedure which's similar to Mesotherapy . It consists of intradermal or subcutaneous injections of medical grade CO2 using 30 G needles . CO2 insufflation has been widely used in the last 8 years in south America and in particular in Brazil for cosmetic purposes such as Stretch marks , Cellulite , localized adiposities and under-eye dark circles , in compination with minimally invasive aesthetic producers .
The low morbidity , high level of patient tolerance and minimal side effects makes it a very interesting technique in (Skin breathe and skin liliput)'s battery of face and body rejuvenation techniques , with high level of patient satisfaction .

™ Clinical papers about CO2
① Stretch marks
② Skin Collagen Stimulation
③ Natural Fat Lipolysis Optimization
④ Under-eye dark circle , this is my next reson-why I'm goin' to come to beauty medical center and drop by !!

Stay beautiful in n' out !!

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