About Bebita

Hi, there I am Bashayer my nick name is Bebita . Saudi arabian girl ! welcome to my blog , this blog was created with loads of love to share everything I had lately! it's wonderful to be a blogger and I have a story behind that which I loved a movie called (JULIE A N D JULIA) by gorgeous actresses Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I am a physicist, still a student in my third year .. loving to be a beautiful stylish girl, beauty junkie , addict to peach lipsticks and coffee mood , vanilla cappuccino-a-holic and bunny lover I have a cutie honey bunny in my yard! love her sooooo mucho!! espanol .
Bebita means in spanish baby girl and Bonita means cute ! but bonitona in portuguese means so beautiful :) I love spanish , I had a mexican friend named by Jorge he was teaching me some spanish. I missed him :( we r no longer together but I am still shouting him out, love ya jorgy!
My sign is libra , my two best perfumes are Miss Dior Cherie and Hypnotic Poison from Dior, too. I am  a chocolate lover to the deepest !! single, I love my freedom ..
Pray.Love.Eat.Sleep.Tweet.Blog.Like.Live life and Enjoy !!